Free Up Space At Home: The Benefits of Decluttering Your House

Devon and Dorset Decluttering Services

Decluttering is the process of organising and prioritising your commitments or material possessions. When applied to your home, decluttering can free up much needed space, create a calm retreat from the hussle and bussle of everyday life and provide a relaxing environment to live in.

Jasmine Sleigh of describes the role of a professional declutterer and the services they offer.

What Does a Declutterer Do?

The Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers (APDO-UK), of which I am a member, defines decluttering services as enabling clients to improve their safety, well-being, efficiency and comfort. We are involved in recommending storage solutions, recycling & rehoming options and the removal of unwanted items.

Association of Professional Declutterers and OrganisersIn my work across Devon and Somerset, I have been involved in turning spare rooms into functional offices and studios, preventing the wave of paperwork from drowning all spare space in a home, wardrobe weeding, clearing sheds and garages to be relaxing retreats and staging homes for marketing.

I have assisted a client to sort a full drawer of personal miscellaneous items, where in a couple of hours we found £20 in change and forgotten jewellery. I have also spent several days supporting a client in reintroducing basic functionality and safety into the home.

I have worked in large homes and cosy flats. Each home is as unique as the people who live there. What is shared is they need some support in sorting out their belongings to reclaim their living space.

Re-home, Store At Home Or In a Self Storage Unit?

The benefit of having an organiser like myself to assist in the decluttering process is that it can bring some focus to what can feel like an overwhelming set of tasks and decisions.

Packing and organising into boxesThe deadline of the work session alone often gives great momentum, and many clients keep me informed afterwards of the progress they are continuing to make. Some clients know what they want to achieve and I am there to add an extra pair of hands, an able body to get in and out of the loft, to have fun and treat the task with humour.

For some clients, there is emotional investment in the belongings we are sorting. It may not be clear what should be donated to charity, what they may wish to gain some residual value for themselves from and what can be put into storage.

In making a decision about what is to stay or go, we often use a quote by William Morris: “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”

It is worth using the momentum to review one's belongings and check you are not storing unwanted items. But it is also fine to have belongings for which it is more difficult to make decisions about or genuinely will have use for in the future. Then you need to know what your storage options are.

The Reward For Reorganising Your Home

The end result of a sort out is usually impressive:

  • Better chance of getting the asking price for your house.
  • 30% more living space without building an extension.
  • A peaceful relaxing home which is safe and comfortable.
  • Space to dance in!

However, I always encourage my clients to reward themselves with a treat once they have finished because sorting out is tiring: a visit to the cinema, a coffee out, something nice. Have a quick look at the decluttering testimonials on my website for what real people say about decluttering and the rewards it has brought them.

Have a good sort out today – it will genuinely make your life better.

About Jasmine Sleigh, “Change Your Space”

Jasmine Sleight, Change Your Space

Jasmine is a professional organiser and declutterer and runs Change Your Space. Jasmine works with a range of clients across Devon and Somerset to make the most of their homes.

If you would like more information about decluttering or to enquire about Jasmine's services, please visit or contact Jasmine directly:

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