Create extra space? Portable Buildings and Shipping Containers For Sale and Hire

Portable Buildings Accessories & Services

Dainton Portable Buildings provide a range of portable building and shipping container accessories and services to meet the requirements of our customers.

Lock boxes for storage containers and portable buildings

Lock Boxes
The container lock box is a special steel box, which shrouds the padlock and prevents interference with bolt-croppers, angle grinders, chisels or other methods of forced entry.

Prices start from £75

Locks for shipping containers and portable buildings

Cisa Padlocks
We supply high security padlocks specially designed for use with a lock box. The locks can be bought and delivered to you by overnight courier.

Prices start from £60

Stairways for portable buildings and cabins

Steel Staircases
Most units are stackable and so to save space our customers often stack them on top of each other. Safe access is then a priority and to achieve this we can supply a steel staircase.

Prices start from £500

Repainted shipping container

Repaint Service
We offer a repaint service, where we can repaint the exterior or interior of the shipping container. Green or blue exteriors are popular, but all colours choices can be accommodated.

Prices start from £165

Absorbpole moisture trap product

Moisture Traps
We can supply moisture traps that will deal with the problem of surplus moisture. They were developed for marine use to protect cargo from being ruined by the harsh conditions at sea and one moisture trap should last approximately 3 months in a standard 20' (6.1m) container.

Prices start from £25

Grapho damp treatment

Grafo Treatments
An alternative to moisture traps is to apply ‘Grafo’ to the ceiling of the container to prevent condensation and corroding. It is applied in a spray to the ceiling where water droplets normally form and absorbs the water until the temperature changes, when it releases the vapour back into the atmosphere.

Prices start from £100

All prices are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate.

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