Store Your Summer Tyres For Free With Dainton Self Storage

8th November 2012

To encourage safer driving this winter, we are offering free storage for spare tyres at our self storage branches across Devon and Cornwall.

Store your summer car tyres for free throughout Devon and CornwallMore and more motorists are considering fitting winter tyres during cold weather. However securely storing the spare set can be prohibitive and many tyre providers charge for storage.

To encourage safer driving this winter, we are offering free storage for spare tyres at all our depots!

There is no catch but storage is on a first come, first served basis so hurry whilst there is still space.

Shaun Duncan, Operations Director at Dainton, explained: "We all rely on our cars to get to and from work and a repeat of the cold weather we have experienced in recent winters will make driving hazardous. Fitting winter tyres reduces stopping distances in cold weather, making driving safer, but we realise some motorists may be discouraged by having to store their spare set. We hope our offer will encourage drivers who have been thinking about using winter tyres to go ahead and make the switch!"

Winter tyres improve stopping distances on cold roads

Fitting winter tyres is common in mainland Europe and even a legal requirement in countries such as Germany, Sweden and Finland. A common misconception is that winter tyres only have a use in snowy or icy conditions. In fact, winter tyres improve stopping distances in temperatures below 7c (44f), which is not an unseasonal temperature in this country.

Winter tyres improve braking, cornering and traction performance because they use a different tread rubber compound and tread pattern than standard tyres.

Store your summer tyres for free with Dainton Self Storage

Each of our Self Storage branches have set aside a container for the storage of summer tyres. Drivers are entitled to store five standard tyres for free until April 2013.

There is no catch and to encourage safer driving, the offer is open to all members of the public and not just existing storage customers.

Tyre storage across Devon and Cornwall

The storage space is available on a first-come, first-served basis and the Company are encouraging drivers to take up the offer by contacting their local Dainton Self Storage branch in Barnstaple, Exeter, Heathfield, Ipplepen, Paignton, Plymouth, St Austell or Torquay.

Car storage in Devon and Cornwall

For more information, contact your local self storage depot, call our Head Office on 01626 835547 or email

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